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Orthopedic Surgery Specialist | Knee and Hip | Richmond Virginia

Dr. Michael Wind is an orthopedic surgeon and member of OrthoVirginia in Richmond, Virginia. He is a hip and knee surgery specialist, focusing on sports medicine and total joint replacement surgery.

Dr. Wind has achieved dual fellowship subspecialty training in sports medicine/arthroscopic surgery and total joint replacement. During fellowship training, Dr. Wind was fortunate to work with experts from all over the world in both sports medicine and joint replacement surgery. This allowed for exposure to the latest and most technologically advanced methods in each of these subspecialty areas of orthopaedics.

In contradistinction to general orthopedic practices, Dr. Wind has chosen to focus his practice almost exclusively on surgery of the hip and knee. This specialization allows Dr. Wind to offer his patients a full spectrum of treatment options for any hip or knee disorder, including total hip or knee replacement. The philosophy behind this type of subspecialty practice is that no matter what the hip or knee problem, patients can be confident that all options will be presented and available in an elite setting. The first option for patients will always be joint preserving treatments if possible. Joint preservation is based on the tenets of sports medicine. The goal is to restore the joint to full function with conservative measures, minimally invasive procedures, and retention of native tissues. When restoration of the native joint is no longer possible then joint replacement surgery (also known as total joint arthroplasty) is the next alternative.

Common procedures performed by Dr. Wind for the hip include hip arthroscopy, treatment of labral pathology, treatment of femoroacetabular impingement, Birmingham hip resurfacing, and both primary and revision total hip replacement. Common procedures for the knee include knee arthroscopy, cartilage restoration procedures, treatment of meniscal pathology, treatment of patellofemoral disorders, partial knee replacement, and both primary and revision total knee replacement.  Dr Wind is also one of the only surgeons in Virginia to offer patients robotic assisted joint replacement surgery utilizing the state of the art MAKO robot.

Dr. Wind is a native of Tappahannock, Virginia and has always considered the Richmond area to be home. He is proud to be able to offer his services to the Richmond community. As one of the premier orthopaedic surgeons in Virginia, he and his team are dedicated to providing elite specialty orthopaedic care in a patient friendly environment. Please explore our website to learn more about Dr. Wind and the services we can provide for hip and knee patients. We look forward to serving you.


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