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I would like to take this opportunity to thank the thousands of patients who placed their trust in me and my team in 2016.  This past year was an extremely busy year for our practice.  I am fortunate to have excellent staff who provide world-class treatment for our patients.  Christopher Mahan PA-C and Amber Sykes PA-C are invaluable in the role of physician assistants.  They work incredibly hard assisting me in making sure that all patients are receiving the excellent care that we seek to provide.  Jessica Emory has just completed her sixth year with me as my lead medical assistant.  Jessica’s knowledge and work ethic allows our office to run efficiently and allows patients to have any question answered promptly.  This year I, along with help from my team, performed over 500 total joint replacements, over 100 arthroscopic hip surgeries, and over 750 total surgical cases.  We also took on many complex revision total joint replacement procedures and many second and third opinions for patients.  I would like to thank the patients of Richmond and central Virginia for putting such trust in me and my staff.  We are humbled by this honor and happy to serve all patients who need our services.

2016 saw the continued popularity of the anterior approach total hip replacement here in Richmond, VA.  Over the last five years I have personally witnessed a dramatic change in patient recovery due to this new approach.  Patients are certainly catching on to this news and we now see several new patients each week who come in seeking this procedure.  In 2016 I performed more than 300 primary anterior approach total hip replacements.  This was far and away the most in central Virginia.  Average hospital stay for these patients was 24-36 hours with many returning to sedentary type work within 1-2 weeks.  CJW Medical Center (HCA) has been a strong partner in this effort, investing heavily in equipment (2 Hana Tables) and staff to make this service possible for a large group of patients. We are very proud to lead the effort in central Virginia to bring this new and revolutionary service to those who need hip replacement.

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