Arthroscopic Surgery of the Hip

What is Arthroscopic Surgery?

Quite simply this is surgery for a joint disorder (knee, shoulder, ankle, etc.) done through small incisions (portals) with the assistance of a camera (an “arthroscope”) and other minimally invasive instruments.

The advantage of this type of surgery is that it allows the surgeon access to the joint with minimal disruption of skin, muscle and other soft tissues. Blood loss is significantly less than with open surgery and often there is a much quicker recovery.

Arthroscopic Applications for the Hip

Arthroscopic surgery of the knee and shoulder have been extremely effective for patients over the past three decades. Common conditions treated are ligament ruptures, meniscal pathology and rotator cuff tears.

In the past, hip surgery has typically been done in an “open” fashion with large incisions and longer recovery times.  The reason for this is that arthroscopic surgery of the hip is much more technically challenging than in the knee or shoulder. The hip joint is “deeper” within the body and working space is much more limited.

normal hip labrum, athroscopic surgery of the hip, hip arthroscopy Richmond Va

Arthroscopic view of the acetabular labrum of the hip

It was felt that many hip disorders were not amenable to surgical treatment. Often patients were forced to either live with hip pain or consider total joint replacement at a young age. In the last ten years a small group of arthroscopic surgeons have worked to bring arthroscopic solutions to many hip disorders. This has dramatically increased treatment options available to patients with hip pain. Dr. Wind was fortunate enough to be exposed to hip arthroscopy during his training. He has also traveled around the country to gain advanced training in new arthroscopic techniques for the hip. Bringing these skills to Richmond, Dr. Wind is now one of the busiest hip arthroscopists in central Virginia.

Common hip conditions treated by Dr. Wind include labral tears, femoroacetabular impingement, chondral (cartilage) lesions, snapping iliopsoas tendinitis and intra-articular loose bodies.

hip scope, hip arthroscopy, snapping hip syndrome Virginia

Arthroscopic recession of the iliopsoas tendon in the peripheral compartment of the hip to treat “snapping hip” syndrome

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