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I am very excited to announce that CJW Medical Center has become the first and only hospital in central Virginia to offer patients robotic assisted surgery for joint replacement.  The MAKO Robotic Arm was purchased 2 weeks ago and now is a permanent option for joint replacement patients at CJW.  Myself and my partner, Dr David Miller, have received intensive training in order to perform robotic assisted joint replacement surgery.  We are the only surgeons in central Virginia certified to offer this option to our patients.  I hope to have this website updated within the next several weeks to provide more information on this exciting new technology.

So how does the MAKO robot assist with hip and knee replacement?  Currently I use the robot to assist with partial knee replacement and direct anterior hip replacement.  The technology works in the following way.  Patients who are a candidates for robotic assisted joint replacement are educated on the technology and sent for a CT scan.  From that CT scan a three-dimensional picture of the joint can be created by the computer.  During surgery the robot registers points on the patient’s bone and correlates this data with the CT scan.  This allows the robot to know exactly where to assist me in removing bone and placing implants.  This reduces the chance for error and allows me to perfectly recreate my preoperative plan in the operating room.  Surgery is less invasive with quicker recovery.  I feel that the MAKO robot is the first step in moving toward patient customized robotic assisted surgery.  This technology is the wave of the future and  i am happy to be able to offer it to patients in the Richmond area.  Dr Miller and I will be giving talks together on robotic assisted joint replacement surgery throughout the remainder to this year.  Please contact my office for further details regarding specific times and locations!

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