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Makoplasty is a a revolutionary technology that is actively changing the way that joint replacement surgery is delivered to patients. Developed originally for the knee, there are now applications for the treatment of both hip and knee osteoarthritis.

Makoplasty is the procedure by which the Mako robotic arm is used to assist the surgeon with joint replacement surgery. This is the first step in truly customizing the joint replacement plan to each individual patient.

So, how does it work? Candidates include patients who are suffering from arthritic pain of the hip or knee and who desire minimally invasive joint replacement surgery. The surgeon can discuss further inclusion and exclusion criteria. Candidates for the surgery are sent for a preoperative CT scan following the Mako protocol. From this scan a three dimensional image of the patients joint is constructed by the Mako software. The surgeon now has this image to use in order to customize a specific joint replacement plan for that patient. Once this plan is completed the next step is surgery.

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MAKO Robotic Arm

During the procedure the surgeon will gather specific points from the patient’s anatomy which are then processed through the robot. Measurements are made including bone size and positioning, leg length and joint tension. The preoperative plan can then be adjusted again during surgery to perfectly match the needs of that patient. Once the plan is finalized then the surgeon brings in the robotic arm. The robotic arm uses haptics in order to give the surgeon tactile feedback and allow for precise execution of the surgical plan. Only the necessary bone is removed using the robotic arm, leaving all other bone and tissue structures intact. Once the bone preparation is complete the robotic arm is used to assist the surgeon in insertion of the implants in the exact position as planned.

The goal of Makoplasty is allow each patient to have a perfectly positioned joint replacement that is well sized and balanced and that allows maximum return to function after surgery. Studies have shown that Makoplasty allows for significantly more accurate placement of components during joint replacement surgery. Furthermore, studies have shown decreased pain measures and quicker return to function using Makoplasty as opposed to conventional methods. Please visit for more information on this revolutionary technology.

We are pleased to announce that CJW Medical Center has taken the lead in offering Makoplasty to the patients of central Virginia. Chippenham Hospital is the only hospital in central Virginia to offer this option to joint replacement patients having acquired a Mako Robot in April of this year. Dr. Wind and his partner, Dr. David Miller have taken the lead in developing the Robotic Joint Replacement Program at CJW Medical Center. Dr. Wind and Dr. Miller are the only surgeons in central Virginia with the training needed to offer this option to joint replacement patients.

Video Information About Mako Knee/Hip Replacement

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