Personal Note

First, thank you for visiting my website. I hope that you find it helpful in learning more about my areas of expertise and treatment options that I can offer patients. The purpose of this site is not to offer a full explanation of all disorders of the hip and knee. That would be quite an undertaking! Rather, what I hope you will find is more information about me personally and details about the services that I can provide to you as a patient.

Orthopaedic disorders can be a scary experience for patients. Joint pain results in a real decrease in quality of life. Not being able to walk, run, participate in athletics or play with your children can cause a significant amount of stress and concern. The decision to seek help and even consider the possibility of surgical intervention can be quite daunting. You are, quite literally, putting your health in the hands of a physician. You SHOULD want to know more about your surgeon. It is important to know about his/her areas of specialty. It is important to know about his/her educational background, residency training, fellowship training and services offered.

I would encourage you to ask these questions. When I or a loved one has been a patient these are all questions that I have wanted to know. My goal here is to answer as many questions as possible so you as a patient can be more comfortable with the decisions you make.

On a personal level, it feels great to be back home in Richmond after many years away. I feel quite blessed to have the opportunity to serve the people that I grew up with and the area that I consider home. Both Kristen and I have lived many places in the world, but none better than here in Richmond.

Best Regards

Michael Wind, M.D.

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